Dear friends!

We are pleased to welcome you at the official website of III Vladimir Spivakov International Violin Competition which will take place on 22 — 26 November 2021.

Laureates will receive the instruments of outstanding violin-makers: Giuseppe Pedrazzini (Milan, 1918), by Nicolas Caussin (Neufchateau, 1860-1870) and Igor Ulitsky (Moscow, 2019) as well as other prizes.

The organizing committee is ready to accept applications from performers. Musicians from all over the world aged 15-26 can take part in the competition. Deadline for your application is 1 October 2021.

See you in Ufa!

Kind regards,
Organizing Committee
of the III Vladimir Spivakov
International Violin Competition.

1. General Provisions

1.1. These Regulations govern the goals, objectives, conditions and procedure for holding the III Vladimir Spivakov International Violin Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).

1.2. The Founder of the Competition is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

1.3. The Artistic Director of the Competition is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, People’s Artist Vladimir Spivakov.

1.4. The Organizer of the Competition is the State budgetary institution of culture and art National symphony orchestra of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

1.5. The location of the qualifying round is the city of Moscow, Russian Federation.

1.6. The location of the Competition is the city of Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan.

1.7. The applicants’ age shall be from 15 to 26 at the time of the initial opening of the Competition (November 22, 2021).

1.8. The dates of the Competition are from November 22 to November 26, 2021.

1.9. Applications for participation in the Competition are submitted on the official website of the Competition:

2. Goals and objectives of the Competition

2.1. The goals of the Competition are to preserve and enhance the best traditions of performing skills, promote the academic music as one of the most important components of the spiritual and moral education of the new generation, increase the attractiveness of the Republic of Bashkortostan as a region aimed at supporting and developing world culture.

2.2. The objectives of the Competition are to identify and support talented children and young people in the field of musical violin performance, further support the identified talents and promote their professional development, a large-scale information policy of the Competition aimed at involving the maximum number of participants from around the world in it.

3. The procedure for organizing the competition

3.1. The Organizing Committee of the Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) including representatives of the Founder of the Competition, the Organizer and the Artistic Director of the Competition shall be established to implement preparatory work, organize the course and conduct of the Competition, as well as to monitor the compliance with the terms of these Regulations. The composition of the Organizing Committee is approved by these Regulations.

3.2. The Artistic Director of the Competition shall choose the qualifying round judges and the international jury of the Competition.

3.3. The stages of the Competition shall comprise collecting applications for participation, a qualifying round, three competitive auditions, summing up the results, awarding the winners and a Gala concert. Each stage of the Competition is based on the principle of maximum openness and accessibility.

4. The Organizing Committee of the Competition

4.1. The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall implement preparatory work, organize the course and conduct of the Competition including:

 — monitor the compliance with the terms of holding the Competition;

 — ensure interaction with the media and advertising and information support of the Competition;

 — create and maintain the website and social networks of the Competition, television, radio and Internet broadcasts of the Competition;

 — provide the venue for rehearsals and performances with the required scenery;

 — ensure the participation of the National philharmonic orchestra of Russia and a conductor in the third round and a gala concert of the Competition as well as in master classes for students of musical educational institutions of the republic;

 — ensure the participation of the Guest of Honor of the Competition Julia Reed Yeboah (the violin master, USA), invited by the Artistic Director;

 — provide technical and hospitality riders of the Competition.

4.2. Any disputable issues shall be resolved by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

5. The Jury of the Competition

5.1. The international jury shall evaluate the performance of the participants.

5.2. The jury consists of:

 — People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Samuilovitch Kopelman (USA) — the Chairman of the jury;

 — People’s Artist of USSR Vladimir Teodorivitch Spivakov (Russia);

 — Professor of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz Boris Isaakovitch Kuschnir (Austria);

 — The violin master Julia Reed (USA);

 — Principal guest conductor of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra Joji Hattory (Japan).

5.3. The jury of the Competition shall be entitled to award:

 — not all prizes;

 — special and incentive prizes and diplomas.

5.4. Should the votes be evenly divided the Chairman of the jury shall be entitled to have an additional vote.

5.5. The jury’s decision is final and not subject to be revised.

6. Application rules

6.1. Musicians from all over the world can take part in the Competition.

6.2. To participate in the Competition it is necessary to fill out the participant’s Application form on the website not later than October 1, 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the Application), which includes:

 — CV of the participant;

 — a competitive program with an exact indication of the composers and titles of the performed works, opus, tonality, timing;

 — a link to an unedited video recording with the program of the qualifying round, posted on

6.3. When filling out an application on the Competition website, it is necessary to attach it in electronic form:

 — high quality artistic photo of the participant;

 — high quality scanned copy of the participant’s passport;

 — the participant’s concert repertoire, ready for performance in the 2021–2022 season, including major solo and chamber works, violin concerts.

6.4. The application must be completed in English or Russian. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for consideration.

6.5. Applications received after October 1, 2021 will not be considered.

6.6. The organizing committee reserves the right to request additional information from applicants.

6.7. The decision on admission to participation in the competitive auditions will be communicated by the Organizing Committee not later than October 15, 2021. All participants will receive a formal invitation by email.

6.8. The grounds for refusing admission to participate in the Competition are:

 — submission of the application and competition materials by people wishing to take part in the Competition, at the end of the deadline for their admission;

 — non-compliance of persons wishing to take part in the Competition with the requirements specified in clause 1.5 of these Regulations;

 — failure to submit or incomplete submission of the documents specified in clauses 6.2. of these Regulations;

 — non-compliance of the competition materials with the requirements established in clause 6.3 of these Regulations.

7. Organizing and holding the qualifying round

7.1. No more than 12 participants of the Competition shall be selected according to the results of the qualifying round.

7.2. The qualifying round shall be held on the basis of the submitted recordings by a special jury, which consists of the following soloists of the State Chamber Orchestra «Moscow Virtuosi»: the Artistic Director of the Competition, chairman of the jury, two members of the jury, secretary of the jury.

7.3. The jury of the qualifying round shall be established taking into account the exclusion of the possibility of a conflict of interest that may affect the decisions made.

7.4. The requirements for the program of the qualifying round.

7.4.1. The qualifying round is held based on the records — an optional program of the applicant’s choice, including:

 — a polyphonic composition (performance of one movement is allowed);

 — a virtuoso piece;

 — a composition of the classicism era (it is allowed to perform the first or second and third movements of a sonata or classical variations).

7.4.2. It is allowed to perform compositions that will be announced for playing in other rounds in the qualifying round.

7.5. The playing time limit for the entire qualifying round is no less than 20 minutes and no more than 30 minutes.

8. Organizing and holding the competitive live auditions (the Competition rounds)

8.1. According to the results of the qualifying round, there will be no more than 12 participants allowed to participate in the first round of the Competition.

8.2. There will be no more than 8 participants allowed to participate in the second round of the Competition.

8.3. There will be no more than 4 participants allowed to participate in the third round of the Competition.

8.4. All competitors shall submit copies of the scores of the performed compositions to the organizing committee upon arrival. At the end of the competitive live auditions, the scores will not be returned.

8.5. Competitors will be provided with rehearsal rooms for having individual classes before participating in each round and time for unplugged rehearsals on the concert hall stage which will house the Competition in accordance with the rehearsal schedule.

8.6. Contestants can come to the Competition with their accompanying persons (accompanists), which must be indicated in the Application.

8.7. On request, competitors can be provided with accompanists for playing programs of the first and second rounds, which shall be indicated in the Application.

8.8. The order of competitors’ performances is determined by drawing lots and remains unchanged throughout the entire Competition, but herewith the Chairman of the jury can make a decision to change the order of performances due to a competitor’s illness or other valid circumstances.

8.9. The order of compositions to be played is determined by competitors on their own.

8.10. Auditions of the contestants shall be held in public.

8.11. Compositions shall be played by heart. It is allowed to play a sonata from the score.

8.12. The results of each round of the Competition are announced upon its completion.

8.13. The Competition is held in accordance with the schedule published on the Competition website.

8.14. Finalists of the Competition and their accompanists shall take part in the Gala Concert on November 26, 2021.

8.15. The costs associated with obtaining a visa are to be paid by competitors themselves. The Organizer of the Competition shall forward an official invitation to competitors to obtain a Russian visa.

8.16. When entering Russia participants of the Competition shall declare the imported instruments on their own.

8.17. The Organizer shall not provide participants of the Competition with any types of insurance.

9. Program requirements

9.1. The first round — solo program shall include:

• J.S. Bach, Prelude from solo violin partita No.3 in E major BWV 100;

• N.Paganini. Caprice (at the participant’s choice);

• W.A. Mozart. First movement from violin and orchestra concerti: No.3 in G

major (1775) KV216, No.4 in D major (1775) KV218, No.5 in A major

(1775) KV219 (at the participant’s choice; performance of his/her own cadence is desirable).

9.2. The second round — solo program — shall include:

• Violin and piano sonatas at the participant’s choice:

 — L. van Beethoven, No.1 in D major (1797-98) op. 12; No.3 in E-flat ma-

jor (1797-98) op. 12; Spring Sonata No.5 in F major (1800-01) op. 24;

No.8 in G major (1801-02) op. 30.


 — J. Brahms, No.1 in G major, ор. 78; No.2 in A major, ор. 100; No.3 in D

minor, ор. 108 (individual movements may be played at the jury’s request);

• A virtuoso composition by one of the following composers:

 — N. Paganini, P. Sarasate, Eu. Ysaÿe, H. Wieniawski, H. Ernst, C. Saint-Saëns, etc.;

• A piece by a composer of the 20th century at the participant’s choice (no longer than 20 minutes)

9.3. The third round (Final) shall include one of the following concerto for violin and orchestra:

• P.I. Tchaikovsky. Concerto for violin and orchestra in D major op. 35;

• A.K. Glazunov. Concerto for violin and orchestra in A minor op. 82;

• M. Bruch. Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 in G minor op. 26;

• N. Paganini. Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 in D major op. 6;

• F. Mendelssohn. Concerto for violin and orchestra in E minor op. 6;

• L. van Beethoven. Concerto for violin and orchestra in D major op. 61;

• J. Brahms. Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 in D major op. 77;

• S.S. Prokofiev. Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 in D major op. 19;

• D.D. Shostakovich. Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 in A minor op. 77;

10. Prize fund of the Competition

10.1. The prize fund of the competition is distributed as follows:

• First prize — a violin made by Giuseppe Pedrazzini (Milan, 1918);

• Second and third prizes — violins made by Nicolas Caussin (Neufchateau, 1860-1870) and Igor Ulitsky (Moscow, 2019);

• two individual prizes of USD 1000 each.

10.2. Special prizes from the artistic director of the Competition, Vladimir Spivakov:

 — Travel and participation in international music festivals;

10.3. It is possible to award incentive prizes.

11. Awarding ceremony for the winners and participants of the Competition

11.1. The jury of the Competition shall award the titles of First, Second, and Third Prize Winners of the III Vladimir Spivakov International Violin Competition.

11.2. The results of the Competition shall be announced on the last day of the Competition program.

12. Mass media and copyright

12.1. A participant’s registration infers that no third party recognizes any copyright and / or other legal rights to video, audio and other materials that are created in the course of the Competition.

12.2. All the rounds of the Competition may be broadcast live and recorded for subsequent broadcasts and publications on audio and video media. The competition will be fully or partially available for viewing via the Internet.

12.3. The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall possess the exclusive right to the audio and video recordings of the recitals of Competition participants, all the concerts held as part of it, and master classes by invited musicians, and to distribute them for promotional and tuition purposes, particularly to broadcast them on leased cable television networks (without receiving any income for the organizers).

12.4. A participant in the Competition shall transfer his/her rights to the Organizing Committee to broadcast and distribute materials free and for an unlimited period of time.

12.5. The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall be entitled to broadcast the auditions and gala concert of the Competition on the radio, television, and Internet (without paying additional fee for the participants).

13. Financing of the Competition

13.1. The costs arising in connection with the organization and holding of the Competition, the awarding ceremony of the winners and participants of the Competition shall be carried out by the Organizer within the funds approved in the list of costs at the expense of the budget of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Appendix No. ___).